Swiss Cooperation Strategy for Kosovo (2015-16)

Kunde: SDC - Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation


Supporting the Process of Preparation and Elaboration of the Swiss Cooperation Strategy Kosovo 2017-2020 (2015-16)

SDC manages and steers country portfolios through so-called multi-annual Cooperation Strategies. The new Cooperation Strategy for Kosovo should be based on a thorough context analysis (especially considering the multi-dimensional fragility aspects), on document analyses and results of workshops and discussions with key Swiss and international stakeholders. The participatory process should conclude with a final Cooperation Strategy Kosovo 2017-2020, outlining the bilateral Swiss support to Kosovo’s transition process towards a market based democracy and the EU integration in various priority areas (domains).

KEK Leistungen

The main role as facilitator was:

  • Desk study of the present CS, review of relevant international, national and sectoral policies, approach papers and trends
  • (Critical) Assessment of the existing CS monitoring system with emphasis on the results framework in order to draw lessons learnt for a revised version for the new CS. The focus was put on the appropriateness of indicators, the use of the monitoring system and suggesting a new monitoring concept linked to the new results framework
  • Ensuring that all perspectives from the relevant SDC units, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), SECO and State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) were duly considered in the process. This includes the perspectives of other Swiss actors and local project implementers
  • Moderation of a strategic workshop in order to elaborate the building blocks for a new Swiss strategy (and its results framework)
  • Support in drafting of an Opening Note, a Concept Note, a new monitoring system and the final Cooperation Strategy Kosovo 2017-2020.


Approved CS Kosovo 2017-2020 with a high level of ownership of the involved SDC units and other Swiss actors.