Partnerin gesucht zur Verstärkung unseres Teams

Zur Stärkung unseres Inland-Geschäftes suchen wir eine Partnerin.

Speech at the final event of the past SRCP in Romania

KEK-CDC Consultant Dieter Zürcher was the Head of the Swiss Intermediate Body to implement the “Reform Fund linked to Civil Society Participation” and the “Partnership and Expert Fund” in Romania. Read the transcript of his speech at the final event of the successful implemented programme.

Dual Vocational Education and Training in Burkina Faso

On behalf of the Austrian Development Agency, KEK-CDC has written a study on the status quo of dual vocational education and training in Burkina Faso and approaches to strengthen dual VET. The study has been translated into English.

Carsten Schulz – new KEK partner from 1 July 2018

Carsten Schulz – new KEK partner from 1 July 2018

With Carsten Schulz we are able to expand our competencies and services in development cooperation and NPO management considerably. Carsten Schulz offers dedicated support in a focused and purposeful way: in planning, implementing or evaluating your project, as a moderator of meetings and conferences, or in targeted coaching for teams or managerial staff. His customers are public administrations and non-profit organisations.