Online surveys

We are happy to support you in designing and conducting online surveys. Our services include the development of the questionnaire, the data collection (conduct of survey), the analysis and presentation of the results as well as support in the use and communication of them. Furthermore, we organise large-scale standardized surveys, such as telephone opinion polls. In this way, you can learn more about the relevant thematic fields, test hypotheses or back up statements with accurate data.

Text Analysis

We analyse text data with the help of specialized computer programs in a standardized, transparent and comprehensible way. This allows you to analytically process a large number of text files with reasonable effort and subsequently, to extract the most important findings from various reports and draw conclusions at a meta-level.


We analyse existing data sets with explorative, descriptive and inferential methods and present the results in an appealing form. This can, for example, contribute to a comprehensive situation analysis or serve as a basis for decision-making. Today, data are becoming increasingly more important also in communication and the political discourse.


We extract and process data stored on websites or in reports and hence make them analysable. For example, we can investigate the performance of your event on Twitter and other media.

(Map: Visualisation of the Network in the des Regional Research Promotion Programme in the Western Balkans for the University of Fribourg.)