International Cooperation

KEK-CDC Consultants are providing consultancy services to international aid agencies and NGOs as well as to governmental and non-governmental organisations in Europe and developing countries.
The success of projects and programmes of international cooperation depends largely on the performance of the implementing organisations and the quality of their cooperation within networks. Suitable tools and processes for managing the projects and for warranting the quality of implementation are decisive for the performance of the organisation.

Our competence in consulting, coaching and training of staff links up with the following issues:

• Organisational development for organisations and networks of organisations
• Development of monitoring and quality management systems
• Programming and strategic planning
• Evaluation of projects and programmes

Our specific strengths in these fields are:

• A tool-kit with tested tools and concepts that are adjusted to the specific requirements of each mandate
• Long-standing experience in the design and moderation of organisational and planning processes
• Strong skills in intercultural communication