Coaching of a Decentralisation Programme in Albania (2010)

Kunde: HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation


The Decentralisation and Local Development Programme (dldp) is a pillar of the Swiss Country Programme in Albania and covers two regions in Northern Albania. With the early departure of the expatriate programme manager the project was confronted with a challenging turnaround situation. The programme was at the beginning of a new phase and one of the team members wanted to take over the responsibility for the programme. In order to allow for a smooth implementation of programme activities it was decided to support this transition process with external backstopping.


KEK-CDC provided the following services

• Coaching of the designated programme manager in programme management, leadership and operational aspects

• Preparation of a yearly plan of operation and establishing a monitoring system

• Preparation of an end of phase report (of the previous phase)

• Support in the elaboration of various tools and instruments: baseline survey, grant scheme guidelines, ToRs for the staff members, new organigram etc.

• Support in the set-up of a new organisational structure and recruitment of new staff


The programme was successfully coached during this 6 month transition phase and has become fully operational providing effective services (advice and operation of the grant scheme) for the 54 municipalities and communes in the project area.