Head of the "Swiss Intermediate Body", Romania (2011-18)

Kunde: DEZA - Direktion für Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit


In 2010, Switzerland committed itself to support the integration of Romania into the EU through various funds managed by Swiss Intermediary Bodies. The thematic fund linked to "Civil Society Participation" has the objective of promoting civil society organisations as important actors in the shaping of development processes. This Fund will make available a total of CHF 13.6 million. The "Partnership and Expert Fund" has the objective of promoting partnerships between Romanian and Swiss partners to address specific development challenges of governmental and non-governmental organisations and other institutions as well as mobilising Swiss know-how. This fund is endowed with a gross amount of CHF 8 million. A consortium of KEK-CDC Consultants (lead agency), the Civil Society Development Foundation in Bucharest (CSDF: http://www.fdsc.ro/) and the Romanian Environmental Partnership Foundation in Miercurea Ciuc (REPF: http://www.epce.ro/) is responsible for the implementation, monitoring and reporting of these two Funds.


The consortium of KEK-CDC, CSDF and REPF is providing the following services:

  • Elaboration of a Management Document and specific guidelines (manual for applicants, application form, evaluation criteria etc.) for the management of the fund
    linked to “Civil Society Participation” and the “Partnership and Expert Fund”
  • Preparation of Calls for Proposals, promotion for applicants, organisation of the evaluation process of submitted proposals, contracting of Executing Agencies, monitoring and reporting of the full granting cycle
  • Provision of technical support to applicants
  • Chairing the Steering Committee
  • Support in finding suitable partners in Switzerland and Romania
  • Elaboration of periodic public publicity products (events, homepage contributions etc.)
  • Supervision of the project implementation
  • Overall reporting to SDC.


Through two rounds of Call for Proposals (2012 and 2014) a substantial contribution to foster the civil society participation in Romania and to strengthen institutional partnerships between Swiss and Romanian organisations is expected. Furthermore, innovative solutions and models in the environmental and social domain are developed.