Higher Education Sector Planning in Kosovo (2010)

Kunde: ADA - Austrian Development Agency


ADA has been supporting the higher education sector in Kosovo for many years. The main focus was to bring the Kosovar Universities closer to the European Higher Education and Research area (e.g. Bologna Process). ADA mainly supported the University of Prishtina (40’000 students) in capacity development by promoting curriculum development, applied research, University management and teaching/research partnerships between Austrian and Kosovar higher education institutions. Additionally, ADA supported the creation of the Kosovo Accreditation Agency which is also responsible for private higher education institutions.


KEK-CDC provided the following services

• Analysis of the legal and institutional environment of the sector and mapping of donor activities. Review of progress regarding the setting up of new institutions (e.g. Accreditation Agency, National Research Programme)

• Participatory problem and gap analysis with representatives from the Ministry of Education and Science, the University of Prishtina as well as donor representatives to identify capacity development needs in the sector

• To identify key areas for possible future interventions by the Austrians

• Assessing the status and procedures for the newly proposed University of Prizren

• Conducting a one day planning workshop with all involved stakeholders to define the expected results and activity lines.


An elaboration of an input paper for the planning process on the basis of a brief fact finding mission was done. This was followed by a multi-stakeholder planning workshop to identify the concrete action lines for capacity development in the higher education sector. This input was used to formulate draft tender documents for a new ADA higher education sector programme.