Learning Project: Sustainable Municipal Finances (2011)

Kunde: DEZA - Direktion für Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit


SDC DLG Network and the Knowledge and Learning Processes division have implemented a learning project on taking stock of international good practice and SDC field experience of capacity development and financial support for municipalities and districts.

The project analysed five main categories of financial and technical resources, namely local governments’ own revenues, intergovernmental fiscal transfers, donor grants, borrowing, and capacity development. The main objective was to produce an interactive synthesis document in a highly participatory way.


KEK-CDC Consultants and LerNetz were mandated by SDC to

• write a concept note summing up the international good professional practice;

• facilitate an experience capitalization of SDC funded programmes;

• compare SDC's own practice with international good practice; and

• present the results in a user-friendly, learning-oriented format.


The main project results are

• a state-of-the-art report on sustainable municipal finance;

• eight case studies of SDC financed local government projects and programmes in Africa, Asia and Latin America;

• a synthesis report comparing SDC experience with the international state-of-the-art finalised in an e-learning based consultation process among all network members; and 

• an interactive document, a so called "learning book" including text, videos, and re-flection tools (http://www.dlgn-smf.ch).

The conclusions drawn from the comparison of the indentified international and the SDC practice allow discerning the areas where SDC acts according to the international practice and the areas where SDC should learn from others. On a methodological level, SDC has gained insights about the potential of a web-based and learning-oriented reporting format.