Evaluation of ECO.NET and tour.reg

Kunde: KulturKontakt Austria


KulturKontakt Austria supports the transformation and modernisation of the vocational education and training systems in South Eastern Europe for many years. Among other activities KKA runs two regional programmes: ECO.NET for introducing the training firm approach at economic schools and tour.reg for modernising touristic education. Both programmes intervene at secondary level of public education and are in their final phases of intervention. KEK-CDC had a mandate for the final evaluation of tour.reg and the mid-term evaluation phase VI of ECO.NET. The two programmes were evaluated in parallel.


The evaluation has the following basic purpose and objectives:

  1. Identify options for supporting the sustainability of the programmes results and effects.
  2. Assess the programmes in terms of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and impact for development.
  3. Support KKA in its reporting obligations towards the Austrian public.


Final evaluation report of tour.reg and mid-term evaluation report of ECO.NET VI