Review of a Higher Education Project in Kosovo (Higher KOS, 2015

Kunde: World University Services Austria


The Higher KOS project’s goal of the Austrian Development Cooperation was “to contribute to the well-functioning of the public higher education institutions in Kosovo along European values and standards and therefore support the European integration process as well as democratisation and sustainable economic growth”. Concretely, the project targeted (i) the quality of education (accreditation of academic programmes, quality assurance in curricula, etc.), (ii) the system of research promotion (through joint Austrian-Kosovar research activities), and (iii) the quality management and government at the level of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and the 7 universities (through various capacity development activities). The project lasted from December 2011 to September 2015.


KEK-CDC provided the following services

  • Review of project and context documents.
  • Identification of achievements and gaps in the Higher Education sector of Kosovo through interviews in Kosovo
  • Identification of future cooperation possibilities, especially considering the inclusion of the University of Mitrovica
  • Visit of the Applied University of Ferizaj and appraisal of their approach and future perspectives
  • Defining of first parameters for a possible follow-up project including a revised project implementation set-up


The mission report included a review of achievements, gaps and made recommendations for important elements which have to be part of a successor project, especially on how to strengthen research and labour market orientation of curricula. The document serves for planning and implementing a next phase of Austrian support in the Higher Education sector of Kosovo.