Evaluation of Textile & Clothing sector projects (2016)

Kunde: SECO - Staatssekretariat für Wirtschaft


Evaluation of two Textile and Clothing sector projects in the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan   (2016)

The end-of-phase evaluation shall take stock of the results and achievements of the two projects implemented the same thematic field between 2013 and 2016, but implemented in two different countries and contexts. The two projects aimed at contributing to income generation and job creation through enhanced export competitiveness of selected textile and clothing enterprises and strengthening of institutional capacities of trade promotion institutions. The objectives of the end-of-phase evaluation was threefold: (i) to provide accountability through an assessment of the impacts, outcomes and outputs achieved in each country, (ii) to provide learnings by analyzing and drawing on project implementation experiences, and (iii) to provide guidance by formulating recommendations for the future.


  • Review of project as well as policy documents and elaboration of an Inception Report
  • Mission to the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan, with two local co-evaluators
  • In-depth interviews with more than 100 representatives of Ministries, government authorities, associations, SMEs and donor representatives
  • The evaluators visited 13 out of 30 export-ready core beneficiary small and medium enterprises in the Kyrgyz Republic and 10 out of 24 in Tajikistan. It had discussions with another 5 beneficiary SMEs in the Kyrgyz Republic and interviewed 4 core beneficiary owners in Tajikistan in two focus groups.
  • Additionally, the mission visited 7 non-beneficiary SMEs to get a sense about the situation on other comparable companies in the sector
  • Intensive cross-checking of the project’s M&E data was conducted with the obtained information form the SME visit
  • The mission assessed the situation or potential niches in others sectors in order to come up with recommendations about the focus and structure of a possible new phase
  • Based on available data the Economic Rate of Return (ROI) was calculated or rather estimated for the two projects


The evaluation report served for strategic decision-making at SECO for designing a new phase for this trade promotion initiative in the two Central Asian countries.