Review of Don Bosco Operations in the Vice Province of Sri Lanka

Kunde: Direzione Generale Opere Don Bosco


The Salesians of Don Bosco have been implementing vocational education projects in Sri Lanka since the 1970s. After the Tsunami (2005) and the end of the war (2009) Don Bosco has constructed or expanded several training centres in Sri Lanka thanks to donor support which today train more than 1’500 students in 14 centres. Over time, a substantial amount of school and dormitory buildings were added while the demand for vocational training changed or even shrank. The project work was coordinated by a so-called project office which was also responsible for monitoring and reporting of achievements. Weak accounting procedures and reduced flow of funds after 2013 have contributed to liquidity problems, internal tensions, staff changes and mutual accusations. Therefore, Don Bosco Rome mandated this institutional audit to review the operations, the organisational structure and procedures and to analyse the fund flows.


  • Discussions with all involved Salesian priests and brothers as well as lay staff from the Provincial House and the various vocational centres
  • Visit of 7 vocational and clerical training centres
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses of the organisation
  • Review of accounting and auditing procedures during the last 5 years
  • Formulation of recommendations to improve the operations at the level of the Vice Province in future
  • Debriefings in Dungalpitiya and Rome.


The mission report included a review of the accusations, an analysis of the actual administrative and financial procedures and made recommendations for regaining trust by improving transparency and accountability of the operations. The report serves for making the necessary decisions for a more effective and efficient management of the operations in the Vice Province during the coming years.