Livelihood activities of Caritas in Singkil, Indonesia (2008)

Kunde: Caritas Schweiz


Caritas Switzerland is constructing 600 houses for approx. 2'300 people who lost their home as a result of the post-tsunami earthquake in 2005 in Singkil, Sumatra (Aceh Province). The economic situation of most of the relocated people (fishermen, traders, farmers, widows, etc) is critical and many have lost their land.
Caritas has started to prepare a livelihood project in order to provide the poorere segments of the relocated families a better perspective for the future. In order to compile the necessary planning information Caritas has mandated KEK-CDC to conduct a project appraisal mission.


The analysis is based on documentary analysis of the various existing livelihood studies. On the basis of in-depth interviews with pattern families numerous group discussions were held with the beneficiaries. These were complemented by interviews with representatives of the local government and by conducting a planning workshop at the end bringing together the main stakeholders.


The proposed livelihood project shall contribute to sustainable livelihoodand reduced poverty on the relocation site and in the neighbourhood villages. The following three outcomes shall be persued in order to reach this goal:

  • Outcome 1 fosters employability of beneficiaries through various vocational training, improved educational qualifications and productivity increases from home gardens and a higher return from investments (micro-credit).
  • Outcome 2 aims at a better community coherence and participatory decision making. The 3 villages had social relations before but in Trandas live door to door and will increasingly be seen as one settlement. The realisation of small local infrastructure shall foster participatory decision-making and empowerment by the communities.
  • Outcome 3 aims at improved risk management and environmental awareness. Prevention and mitigation of fire incidents and flooding are main elements to reduce vulnerability.