Organizational Development / Program Planning, GEF, Laos (2009)

Kunde: DEZA - Direktion für Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit


Under the Global Environmental Fund (GEF), SDC is designing a new program for agrobiodiversity which aims at integrating in a sustainable manner the conservation of biodiversity in Laos and the use of natural resources for improving the livelihoods of people. A key requirement for the success of such a program is the effective cooperation of a broad range of local, national and international organizations. Therefore, the assessment of the institutional landscape is an important element for the program design. KEK-CDC has been mandated to support the SDC Cooperation Office in Laos in the development of a suitable institutional set-up for the program.


• Analysis of the relevant institutional framework in Laos, i.e. strength/weakness profile of the key stakeholders on national and provincial level in the private, public and NGO-sector.

• Developing options for the institutional set-up comprising a description of advantages and disadvantages and recommendations.


• Based on the outlined options SDC can negotiate the details of the program with the Government of Laos.

• SDC can define the implication of different institutional set-ups for the implementation of the program.

• SDC has important documents required for the tendering of the implementation of the program.