Evaluation of the Humanitarian System of ADC (2009)

Kunde: ADA - Austrian Development Agency


On behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry (BMeiA) and in the context of its bilateral cooperation, the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) funds humanitarian interventions which are implemented by multilateral or non-governmental Agencies. The Evaluation describes and assesses in what way the bilateral humanitarian support has been organized and funded by ADA from 2004 to 2008. The aim of the evaluation is to contribute to the further elaboration of the humanitarian bilateral policy and strategy of the Austrian Foreign Ministry. Furthermore, it helps improving the selection criteria for humanitarian interventions and outlines how to optimize the cooperation systems with other Austrian actors involved in funding humanitarian interventions.


  • Description and Assessment of Austria's humanitarian ADC-Portfolio
  • Assessment of the cooperation on the basis of its relevance, effectivness and impact
  • Description and Assessment of Austria's institutional systems for Humanitarian Relief
  • Description of the financial flows and mechanisms of other donor countries (Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Norway)
  • Comparison of Austria's Humanitarian System with practices of other Donor Countries as well as with international standards and requirements


The evaluation report provides basic and justified information to enable the client to further develop the humanitarian policies with adequate strategies for the Austrian Development Cooperation.