External Review of SWISSAID’s Decentralization Process (2009)



SWISSAID is implementing an internal decentralization and professionalization process. By means of this process, SWISSAID aims to transfer more responsibility and decision-making competence to the South. In 2009 KEK-CDC Consultants has been mandated by SWISSAID to carry out an external review of the process. The review has the character of an externally conducted self evaluation. It puts forward recommendations for an improvement of the process, elaborates the lessons learnt and serves as a basis for internal discussions on the decentralization process.


• Surveying of involved stakeholders (chairpersons, coordinators, desk officers, members of the SWISSAID Committee and members of the Executive Board)

• Assessment of progress in achieving decentralization goals

• Qualitative assessment of the decentralization process

• Analysis of comments and suggestions made by the involved stakeholders


SWISSAID is well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the decentralization and professionalization process. The perceptions of the latter as presented by the various involved stakeholders are identified. The review formulates issues that need to be discussed in detail again and puts forward concrete suggestions for further improvement of the decentralization and professionalization process.