Niels Rump

Partner, Senior Consultant

born 1963, MSc Biology/ Agronomy
+41 44 368 58 58


French, German, English, Portuguese, Spanish


Master of Science in Biology, University of Geneva, Switzerland Master of Science in Agronomy University of Algarve, Portugal   Master of Advanced Studies in Human Systems Engineering, University of Applied Science Western Switzerland   

Working Experience

Africa (Benin, Kenia, Mozambique) Asia (China) South-America (Brazil) Europe (Albania, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary and Portugal). 

Key Qualifications

  • Adult Training: Training and coaching of trainers, coordination and designing of training programs, e-learning.
  • Facilitation & participative methods: Training for facilitators with focus on group performance, strategies and methods, coaching and facilitation of large group events, e-facilitation of platforms and webinars. 
  • Organisational development: Consultancy, coaching and expertise, team coaching, traning and coaching for board members and leaders. 
  • Rural extension and advisory: Methodology, designing training concept, training and coaching of advisors. 
  • Business Management: strategic planning, HR, marketing, trade logistics, quality management (ISO). 
  • Project management: training and coaching of project managers, outcome mapping and outcome harvesting.


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