Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Programme

The Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Programme (SRCP) has been part of the non-refundable aid offered by the Swiss Federal Council to 12 European member states who joined EU between 2004 and 2007. It had been an expression of solidarity with new EU member states and put the ground work for stable economic and political connections with these countries. The main goals of the SRCP have been:

  • to contribute to the reduction of economic and social disparities between Romania and more advanced countries of the enlarged European Union, and 
  • to contribute within Romania to the reduction of economic and social disparities between the dynamic urban centers and the structurally weak peripheral regions. 

In 2011, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) selected a consortium formed by KEK-CDC Consultants (, Civil Society Development Foundation ( and Romanian Environmental Partnership Foundation ( as the Swiss Intermediate Body (SIB) for managing and administrating the following two Thematic Funds. 

The purpose of the Thematic Fund “Civil Society Participation” has been the promotion of active participation of Romanian civil society organisations in policy processes both as a voice of the civil society and as service providers. The purpose of the Thematic Fund “Partnership and Expert Fund” has been to strengthen Swiss-Romanian partnerships that are capable to address development challenges. Different financing instruments had been set up, including Block Grant Calls for Proposals (Block Grants comprising of two components) and Retained Activities. 

With February 2018 all projects completed their implementation while the two funds will officially close by the end of October 2018, respectively July 2019.


Overview About Project Achievements 

In oder to compile the achievements of the two Thematic Funds, a website was created with a catalogue of all 141 projects. The website also includes major publications and videos produced:

Closing Event in Bucharest, Romania

On March 25th 2019, a closing ceremony took place at Cărturești Carusel, bringing together the designated Swiss Ambassador to Romania, Mr. Arthur Mattli, the representatives from the Embassy, SIB and the partners. During the event, a photo album with the tile "Romania looks good from a Swiss perspective" was launched. It compiles 33 photos taken by the photographer Cornel Brad portraying people that change Romania thanks to the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Programme. 


Final Event in Neuchâtel, Switzerland

On May 5th 2018 the SIB organised a final event in Neuchâtel (CH) where selected project experiences and lessons learned were presented. Furthermore four experts on the Romanian Civil Society explored in a panel discussion the success of the Romanian civil society, its challenges and how to best support it in future. Some of the presentations can be found on the following links: 

Overview TF CSP and PF, Dieter Zürcher, KEK-CDC Consultants

It's all about grass, Peter Niederer, SAB

Experiences and Lessons Learned of
Swiss-Romanian partnerships, Rahel Guntern, KEK-CDC Consultants


Partnership Block Grant

In total 40 projects had been financed through the Partnership Block Grant: 

  • 14 under the 1st round, out of which 11 large grants and 3 small grants;
  • 26 under the 2nd round, out of which 22 Large grants and 4 Small grants.

Types of projects

  • Social access and community development
  • Environment
  • Education and research
  • Culture
  • Democracy 

Project selection:

PF 1st round of Call for Proposals (2012):
List of Financed Projects, Lessons learnt from the 1st round

PF 2nd round of Call for Proposals (2014):
Evaluation Results, List of Financed Projects

NGO Block Grant

In total 94 projects have been financed through the NGO Block Grant: 

  • 64 on Social Component (30 under the 1st round and 34 under the 2nd round), out of which 28 large grants and 36 small grants;
  • 30 on Environmental Component (15 under the 1st round and 15 under the 2nd round), all small grants;

Types of projects (social component)

  • Social services
  • Policy making, networking, lobby & advocacy
  • Education and life skills development
  • Socio-medical services
  • Social economy
  • Community development

Types of projects (environmental component)
  • Sustainable (rural) development
  • Public participation in environmental decision making processes
  • Waste management
  • Sustainable consumption
  • Climate change
  • Quality of urban environment

Project selection:

CSP 1st round of Call for Proposals (2012):
Evaluation Results, List of Financed Projects

CSP 2nd round of Call for Proposals (2015):
Evaluation Results, List of Financed Projects


Retained Activities

In total 7 Retained Activites had been implemented under the two Thematic Funds.

  • April 2013 – March 2016 / Development of Geographical Indications in Romania / Lead Executing Agency: Agridea / TF PF
  • April 2013 – March 2016 / Rural Development and High Nature Value Farmland in Romania / Lead Executing Agency: Agridea / TF CSP
  • July 2013 – March 2017 / Natura 2000 and Rural Development in Romania / Lead Agency: WWF-DCP / TF CSP
  • July 2013 – April 2017 / Southwestern Carpathian Wilderness and Sustainable Development Initiatives / Lead Executing Agency: WWF DCP / TF CSP
  • January 2014 – December 2016 / Sustainable Agricultural Models in the Romanian Mountain Area / Lead Executing Agency: SAB / TF CSP
  • July 2014 – June 2017 / Strengthening the Capacities of Forest Owners Associations for Sustainable Forest Management / Lead Executing Agency: SAB / TF CSP
  • September 2014 – December 2017 / Tackling the Challenges of the New Labour and Social Dialogue Laws in Romania / Lead Executing Agency: SAB / TF PF

Further information about the two funds and the projects can be found below and information about the SRCP on the following links: